Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 21

bernalrecreation-800After an epic odyssey spanning the galaxy, a disparate team of con artists, scientists, and Firewall agents have finally cornered their quarry. There will be no more chases around the solar system or to a distant exoplanet. No more undercover missions or political intrigue. Now, there is only victory or death. A TITAN has taken over a remote Bernal Sphere habitat in the outer system. It appears to be damaged or only partially operational, as there are gaps in the station’s defenses, gaps large enough for the team to enter the habitat and attempt to stop it.The secrets that lay at the heart of the station may change the future of transhumanity, if the team survives long enough to report back to Firewall. Duality concludes NOW!

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  1. I hafta admit I found this campaign hard to follow. the jumping around to interconnected sidestories was a cool idea, but I didn’t really Get It. and Aspen was the only PC who had any character traits I could describe, and that only because Caleb knew his gimmick and stuck to it. I know…that no one else had any hardware skills! Tom was a morph designer? I think David was an assassin. but I only knew that because of a couple of skill rolls they made late-campaign. look forward to the postmortem, since I think the delay was even longer for the players than it was for us listeners?

    also SO DISAPPOINTED AARON DIDN’T END THE TRANSHUMAN SPECIES WITH HIS EMERGENCY FARCASTER but that’s basically every game, I want him to do that in his Masks cameo

  2. I think you forgot the “Mistakes Were Made” tag. 🙂 Cerebrum…cerebellum…cerebrum…cerebellum…I blame the guys who came up with those stupid names for the brain parts.

    That was a good ending. I think the final three episodes of this campaign were the biggest highlight of it for me. Just great, hardcore Eclipse Phase action. There was definitely more intra-party character tension in this campaign than in Know Evil, and aside from Aspen I didn’t feel like the other characters were especially memorable. But I still enjoyed the whole campaign immensely.

    My favorite part of this episode was the return of the Mirrored Pillar 1980’s alternate universe. If I had been playing I probably would have been just like Tom and insisted on going in to see it. I wish it had remained a prominent feature through the whole campaign, instead of only really turning up at the beginning and the end.

  3. Tremendous ending. I’m gonna have to listen to it again, though, because the back and forth undoubtedly means I missed some stuff.

  4. Thanks for that last episode! I look forward to something fun for the next campaign.

  5. Oh space-gods it’s *Glorious*

    Best Part: “Like a good neighbor Ghost Reaper is there!”

    Second Best Part: Caleb’s impotent rage as he forgets that the team is made up of Player Characters.

    @Aaron: Did you ever know that you’re my heeeeroooo, And everything I’d like to beeee.
    I can fly higher than an eeeeeaglllle, With you as the wind beneath my wiiiiings

  6. When Ross was describing the final puzzle as figuring out which of three pieces was ‘the most complex’ I was totally convinced he was going to make the crew do the Tower of Hanoi like every other goddamn rpg. It would have been great. A two and a half year long buildup to that shit.

    Great campaign! Obviously had some issues with… cohesiveness since it was so long.

  7. Also, fun fact! Contrary to Caleb’s illustration, octopi probably could not in fact juggle better than a human. Octopi lack a strong sense of proprioception, which is the sense of where the parts of your own body are in relation to each other. This sense is very important for juggling. An octopus isn’t able to tell where his tentacles are without looking at them, so he would have to constantly be tracking his limbs rather than the position of the balls.

    Of course, the Eclipse Phase Transhuman book specifically mentions that octomorphs mostly have an improved sense of proprioception added to them, so perhaps Aspen might be correct after all. 🙂

  8. 1:29 marital tensions boil over.
    Things wind up ‘fubar’ in a Ross game: Caleb complains, Aaron laughs and advances the plot.

  9. That was a pretty cool & satisfying ending to Duality. I would have liked to have seen more of the mirrored pillar world, but I’m glad the plot came back to it, if only for the last episode.

    What is with the fear of the Emergency Farcaster blowing up(and destroying the shuttle/bay)? It’s only enough to blow the head and cook the morph, unless Aaron requested a special “Blowed ’em up real good” model.

    Thanks Ross, David, Caleb, Aaron, and Tom!

  10. Great ending to a great campaign. I’m going to have to pick up Eclipse Phase (well, I already have the free pdf) and play in this terrifying universe.

  11. Yeah, the farcaster thing is weird, it’s specifically a small amount of anitmatter not going off at once, so it’ll just boil you and not explode.

    Also, I feel Caleb was a bit harsh on Tom and Aaron this time (not to say there isn’t history of it being completely warranted of course), since the who goes where bit was a complete blind gamble aside from there being a cage of flesh in one location.

    Also also, is there an approved place to whine about rules stuff? Not ‘spindle climbers are actually +21! immersion ruined!’ but bigger stuff that’s just a result of edition shifts/misreading, like wounds and trauma being done wrong.

  12. I only remember Tom going ‘traitor-ass’ once, in the Iron Banded Box. Did I miss another instance?

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