Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Kenya – episode 10

mistercorbitt_09The investigators are in Nairobi, looking into the cult of the Bloody Tongue and the missing Carlyle Expedition. Before they can enlist the aid of locals, including a powerful mystic, they must prove themselves by stopping a potential agent of the Crawling Chaos, Mr. Corbitt and any other cultists in the city. Corbitt owns a mansion connected to evil, but what lurks in the basement will horrify even the most jaded of investigators. Can the team purge the evil hiding in the darkness?

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  1. getting to know you~ getting to know all Cthulhuuu~

    that illustration is way less hideous than she was in my mind. I was seeing just all limbs, none of that weird donut in the middle. that orange vine effect reminds me of a postmortem Lovecraft collaboration I’ve never been able to find in English, Die Glocke im Turm, which involves a ritual that lets you see the demon bazaar all around us and be seen in turn.

    YES. I was wondering if Who would make it in, having flipped through a copy of Masks a few weeks ago. I’m so glad she did. not really a fan of controllable magic, but if you gotta have it, Who’s the way to go.

  2. Having the adventure in my library that picture came from, I’m not sure at all I want to play this audio file. It was creepy enough just reading it, but Ross running it? OHHELLNO

  3. Man, that was one creepy-ass monster. Well played, poisoning it and steering clear. But I still have to ask: what was the other thing, up on the second floor? I don’t think it ever got described.

  4. Point of order, swedes can be neck deep in mythos too! We have many sociopathic tendencies (especially in public transportation), forests that are a thousand years old, and whoever designs the IKEA layouts. I mean those people are playing the long game, making you want more while driving you slowly insane.

  5. I think overall, I don’t care for Masks much. I like the players (Bill especially has grown on me), so I think its ToC itself. I could handle NBA as the game of choice because of the crew playing it, but yeah TOC is just so clumsy to me.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that while I never considered Bill a favorite character (not out of flaws, but simply ‘overshadowed by awesome’) His good nature, and pragmatic thinking do both provide a good element to the game.

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