Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 20

dreamscapeThe end draws near! After a long and maddening quest, the Firewall team has tracked down their quarry, the entity known as Loren Kristol. It has seized a colony in the outer system known as Alpha Plus. Fortunately, a nearby colony ship, destined for another solar system, is still close enough to farcast the team. Unfortunately, the ship has been compromised by TITAN technology. Regardless of the danger, the team must attempt to stop Loren before it completes its plan.

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  1. autoerotic asphyxiation takes on a whole new meaning omg dying

  2. That description has shed a whole new light on the “Task Hedonism” thing. I was light headed with laughter.

  3. Oh, man. “Task hedonism” into “task perversion” is a pretty brilliant social hack. This was a very interesting session, though not perhaps as solid gold as the previous one. That thing with David and the Kill Switch…if there’s one thing that these APs have taught me about playing Eclipse Phase, it’s to ALWAYS have a quick way to kill yourself.

  4. Dirty dirty sensors. Look at those waveforms. I’m going to Fourier transform all this data. Yeah. Mmm. Crests and valleys.

  5. The Penultimate! Yeah, that section with the Kill Switch was something. A close one for David! Kinda. I guess if the Gatekeeper would have got his hands(fractals, nanotoxins, whatever) on him, then he could probably extract the plans from his mind… šŸ˜

  6. Why a Reaper? Why not a Fenrir?
    I know it takes several egos to pilot, but that’s what alpha forks are for.

  7. @ Sam

    I’ve found that if I ask for a Reaper and I get it without any hesitation, it’s way more morph than I need. If I ask for a Fenrir, the answer is always “No.” Even if it’s the perfect morph for that occasion, the answer is “No.”

    You can call it my acid test; the reaction to the question tells me just how screwed we are.

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