Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Kenya – episode 12

blackwindThe finale of the Kenya chapter begins! The investigators reach the peak of the Mountain of the Black Wind. The Cult of the Bloody Tongue shall soon perform a ritual that will increase the Crawling Chaos’ power on Earth, so our heroes must stop them, even though they are outnumbered thousands to one. They have been cunning and canny, but sometimes, even that is not enough. Will they have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Staring down Nyarlathteop is not without costs…

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  1. yesss I’ve so longed for a PC to get summoned to the court of Azathoth

    and I love that “see you in Australia” has become grim arc words

  2. “So, this is going to be an opposed Stability check between you and the Son of Nyartholotep.”

    Somebody at the table tell me if he delivered that statement with a straight face.

    If so, well played, Mr. Payton, well played.

  3. You need to give props to the guy who made Bill’s cheat sheet!

  4. Appropriately epic. Great descriptions of the face-thing, the cult ceremony and the tantalizing hints at time travel.

    Aaron’s “Playing with Daddy’s toys” was perfect.

    No idea how Bill kept coming up with brilliant Mythos burns. Well done sir.

    Ross, we need to hear about the Maxim gun project and how the hell did you allow an elephant gun that steals souls? In a game with Tom?

  5. I’m about to listen to this episode. I am so glad I looked at the art for this one. That piece is epic. And terrifying. Epically terrifying?

  6. What’s in the box?

  7. @Ethan –

    Justin Alexander occupies a similar place to the Angry GM in my mind, in that while I occasionally don’t agree with what he has to say, I almost always feel embiggened for having read it. I don’t do as good a job keeping up with him since I find his back catalog too intimidating to archive crash, but mad props to anyone who puts in the work to make aids like this, amiright?

    @Twisting H –
    First three or four were off the top of my head, then I called up the ‘Table of Forms’ section of the Nyarlathotep article on Wikipedia and ran with it – because I could not in good conscience back down once having begun to play the Dozens on an Outer God.

    Bless you, Wikipedia.

  8. Thanks, Bill. Great session. It’s awesome that the group basically decided to go straight to the Final Boss Fight halfway through the campaign. And more awesome that Ross managed to make it work in a manner that lets the campaign continue. I didn’t follow the whole hospital bed epilogue thing at all…were they maybe in some kind of alternate future where they had failed to stop the cult? I guess it’ll become clearer later on, I hope.

  9. Does anybody else get a “Night on Bald Mountain” sort of vibe from the ritual atop the mountain of the black wind?

  10. This has been my favorite Cthulhu Mythos game so far. The build-up to every chapter climax has been great and this one, topped them all.

    I’m glad Aaron is sticking around! Yay Aaron!

    I want more Kenyata! Someone Play him!

    Also, nice job ladies. Ann and Melissa, you two are great players! Margo and Soo-Yun (probably spelled wrong ) are hands down my favorite characters from this game!

    I’m very intrigued by the myth-arc your weaving Ross. How much material from the Lamplighters and the epilogue of this episode are from the Source material and how much is your own invention? Please answer that question in the Post Mortem! So nice to be caught up with ONE rppr campaign after so many years of being behind. Love love love this game. Looking to buy myself a copy of Trail of Cthulhu and see how my PC’s fair in Masks .

    Keep up the great work.

  11. Yeah, we have now officially bolted on the Ross Payton Addendum to what’s already a REALLY large book. I’m waiting to see what the ‘future’ holds.

  12. Thanks for my new desktop background, Ross.

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