Wild Talents: Star Wars – The Ballad of Kevin Starchaser

Man, I'd kill a lot of bounty hunters to get out of being a moisture farmer. I hate moisture farming so much >:OA few months ago, Dan offered to run a Star Wars game using Wild Talents and Star ORE, along with a few other house rules. It only lasted two sessions but they were fun! So, to provide some holiday cheer, I present to you the Ballad of Kevin Starchaser (and his friends). They have a spaceship and make poor life decisions. Also: Star Wars.

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  1. 2:30:00
    Aaron Carson, for your consideration!

    That was beautiful, not since Bryson Springs has there been a more awesomely over the top freak out.

  2. Ok big question what is Aaron?

    We got Trandoshans. Something, and a human in Ross

  3. I was playing a Mon Calamari techie.

  4. Ah cause I kept getting interference and the Mon Calamari female.
    Huh is Aaron playing a Quarren(Other side of unification)

    Sad this game only went on for 2 Sessions, much like the Darksun game lots of promise and cool ideas
    You guys really should do a Saga Edition game. All Jedi
    Cause the classic rule, all jedi or no jedi

  5. hah, Eclipse Phase mental gearshifting into Star Wars is grindy as fuck. hard scifi horror > doofy fish people space fantasy! Ross saved it for me by being Major Laser in space, though. also I thought the Tuscan Sound Raiders were a real thing but google turns up NOTHING so you guys should probably start a band before the opportunity is gone forever

  6. 2:13 “How the hell is a hat going to disguise me?” “If it’s a good hat! AND A SCARF?”

    Ross Payton, ladies and gentlemen.

  7. The real danger for people going from EP to SW is more that they start applying some of the Transhuman mindset to a universe not ready for TITANS. One only needs a little time going through the EU to find justification for many techs. Which is how my old group was on the way to winning a war on Hutts with kenetic kill weapons, massive swarms of Hutt eating nanobots, various engineered virii and world ending releases of radiation.

  8. You’re right, it’s like oh, the Wookie terrorists are going to come vaporize us with thermal detonators! and I’m thinking, so what, you’re backed up, right? They’re not going to recover your stack after that.

  9. I really wish my work schedule would have allowed me to keep this going. Oh well, mayhaps one day I will be able to resume the redonkulous escalation.

  10. Wow this is amazingly fun. Congrats Dan for the campaign concept, and execution.

  11. This was kinda awesome.

  12. This is like Big Trouble in Little China in space, featuring Kevin Starchaser as Jack Burton.

  13. Kevin was pretty good with a blaster and Jack Burton was neutral to positive on the whole subject of moisture farming so the similarities are not perfect.

  14. Does Ross not like Star Wars? I couldn’t tell…

  15. Author

    I enjoy Star Wars but I am not a hardcore fanboy about it.

  16. So Aaron’s freak out moment was amazingly crazy, though the calm to we afterwards were amusingly awkward. Still, using a general who is best known for leading his republic army into a trap? Not the best example of what the mon cal did compared to the super awesome humans.

  17. Weedlord Boner.
    One a goon always a goon, right Ross?

  18. So nobody else got the Phule’s Company reference (Lorelei, the gambling space station from Phule’s Paradise)…

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