Fear Itself: Lone Survivor

At least the rent's cheapThis one shot scenario was inspired by the critically acclaimed video game, Lone Survivor. In a bleak, post-apocalyptic city, a group of survivors huddle in a broken down apartment building, including a doctor, a thief, and a cop. Each is immune to the plague that killed or mutated everyone else in the city. Food is dwindling down and the roaming creatures are drawing closer. The few survivors still able to move around on their own have to work together to find supplies and a way out of the apartment building. But can they overcome the monsters roaming the halls and the terrifying secrets lurking in the building? What is the mystery behind the green, blue, and red pills? Is the apocalypse even real? Find out in this special one shot of Fear Itself!

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  1. ahahah man I have the 70-hour Atlas Shrugged audiobook too and I have no idea why

    never did finish Lone Survivor. just redownloaded it, though. we shall seeeee.

  2. crawlkill, what system does Atlas Shrugged use? Chartmaster? Advanced Tedium & Terror? ;3

  3. F.A.T.A.L. with added rules for exponential monologing.

  4. So, I know vocal tics are a bit of a touchy subject around here, but I’m genuinely curious as to whether Drew has a tic, or if something else is going on, like he’s trying to stifle a cough or something. Aaron is kind of a personal hero of mine for various reasons including the way he’s handled his tic, and since I obsess over people that might have something like that in common with me, I guess I’m just interested in Drew as well.

    In other news, this episode was great and it made me re-download the copy of this game I got from the humble bundle a while back.

  5. caption for the picture: curetage gone wrong…

  6. 70 hours! Christ just watch the movie.

    This one felt a bit weird, I didn’t expect it to end where it did, felt a bit abrupt and unfinished.

  7. Yeah, this one was a bit odd. It felt more like some fetch quests with good scenes in between. I think the thing is that the “is it real?” bit never got devloped very far.

  8. Interesting game. I’ll have to pick up the PC game on the next Steam sale.

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