Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Australia – episode 14

haunter2The investigators have finally arrived in Australia. They have learned of a mysterious expedition to the interior of the country, but to what end, they do not know. They do know that the Lamplighter cult and their esoteric masters want them to follow the expedition, into the Outback. But before the team journeys into the desert, they must gather supplies, investigate leads, and perform research. Naturally, the cults of the Crawling Chaos are not far behind them.

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  1. nooo, academic endorsement! my only joy in life is telling Ross he pronounced something wrong six to twelve months ago. sometimes the sound Innakwok floats through my mind when I’m driving and I have to pull over and breathe into a paper bag. and I think I’ve said that when you guys use the word “topic” my mind goes TOPTIC and then I get confused.

    I liked the Hunter in the Dark sleepover. too bad about no airplane adventure. I bet a modern passenger liner could be fascinating setting for a CoC game, curious how a 20s one might go.

  2. Yay! The RPPR friends of Jackson Elias visit my home town! And deposit a body in the harbour in the approved fashion!

    “Eliza Dundee from Sydney” <– moment when I lost it.

    Aboriginal ("Indigenous" work here too) folklore, myth and religion are all very ripe for Cthulhu adventures. There are lots of people-eating things that dwell in the darkness, outside the firelight.

    I kinda wish adventures would go to the Olgas, not just Uluru (Ayers Rock), because it my opinion, it's more interesting. Uluru is a big red diamond-shaped rock. The Olgas are called Kata Juta, which means many heads and it looks like the end of a massive giant decapitation session. Building-size decapitated heads, all in a pile.

  3. So, yeah, talking to NPC’s still not a thing, but still always entertaining! This crew could really use someone excellent at lying on short notice sometime.

  4. Australia was definitely one of my favorites….Especially the part where Ross didn’t have horrible things waiting for us at the airport because he didn’t consider that we might fly instead of take a boat. 🙂

  5. “I come from a land down under…where Nodens aid makes minds sunder.”

    That’s another point for me on the “It will attack you first, Sean!” tally. 🙂

  6. wait, did someone say where Nodens’ aid makes minds sunder? I missed that, it should’ve been the whole focus of my post

  7. What the hell was the group eating or drinking? there was a real feeling of a huge sugar rush or alcohol buzz from the player in this session.

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