Dungeon Crawl Classics: Steal Dracula’s Gold

dracula-goldDRACULA HAS TOO DAMN MUCH GOLD. Also he’s been kind of a jerk lately, what with the blood drainings and whatnot. So a group of peasants march on his castle to deal with him once and for all. They hope their superior numbers will result in victory, jamming death traps with their corpses, and overbearing any guardians. But before they slay Dracula, the peasants hope to loot the castle and thus gain a way out of the grinding cycle of peasant life. Of course, between the traps, monsters, and ancient artifacts held in the castle, who knows what will happen? Let the carnage begin!

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  1. yesss, while I admit I did not enjoy playing it at GenCon, I love Caleb’s enjoyment of the game. Shitty wizards for everyone!

  2. So I really want to play this scenario now.

  3. What was the siren/emergancy alert thing that went off? you said it had something to do with flash flood.

    Also the game is good too.

  4. Yes, I agree with Zero. The game isn’t all that enjoyable to play but listening to you guys was hilarious.

  5. I loved the module.

  6. Ross where did you pull the tables for the library books and what what was the pathfinder card thing for the palor?

  7. Yeah, I have the same smartphone problem as Aaron has. It’ll blare at me about a “FLASH FLOOD WARNING!” forever until I confirm that I’ve seen the message. Tornado Warning, though? Nada.

  8. Two quotes for this session:


    “You really don’t understand Dragons, do you?”

  9. OH, so the flood alert was on the phone? I thought there was like a box or something in the house. Don’t have anything like there where I’m from. Your cell provider just texts you emergency updates?

    ALSO: I liked the part at the end where the players rented out the dungeon to adventures. The whole game was silly in a fun way.

  10. also noticed you didn’t ‘roll over’ any of the dead, you guys were excited

  11. I can’t imagine wanting to play any other kind of DCC than a character funnel. It sounds like so much fun.

  12. Plus the Harrow Deck of Many Things (a particular favorite of my PF RPG campaigns)

  13. Very fun game & while I doubt the book for reference will be great, still looks fun.

    Also looking forward to hearing the scenario more suited to the crazy magic of Dungeon Crawl Classics in the deck of cards compared to the one from Pathfinder.

  14. This was a lot of fun to listen to, though I feel that more characters should have died. A lot more.

    Anyway, the expanded Deck of Many Things stole the show and I would definitely appreciate an entire campaign dedicated to players using and abusing this and the other random effect items and artifacts out there. Clearly without any investment in the character’s development the negative cards lack the sting of say, having your 8th level Fighter of the last 2 years killed instantly but whatever, as long as it’s entertaining and everyone is having a good time, which was clearly happening during this play session.

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