Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – Australia – episode 15

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The investigators leave civilization to travel into the interior of the Australian outback, a dangerous journey even with the latest 20th century technology aiding them. Aside from the blistering heat, lethal wildlife and other hazards associated with the desert, they will have to face insane cultists and supernatural abominations from beyond time and space. Once they draw near the dig site, they find that reality is more permeable than they previously thought. When the line between the waking world and the dreaming world is too thin, what will happen?


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  1. TWO DINGOES FUCKING. it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a basically encyclopedic knowledge of Discworld.

    “Nodens is fully scrutable, it’s just that he’s a sociopath” Bill really stole the show here

    was that a cameo by the Eidolons and their blood maps when Sean cast his spell early on

  2. Sean, yep at least one Australian listener 🙂

  3. I love you guys, and I’m enjoying this campaign too. I don’t think I’ve heard any actual-play recording where everyone seemed to be having so much fun and being so happy to be there. Is someone passing around a bagful of ecstasy or something??

    But if I’m honest, I react to the Dreamlands in Cthulhu gaming pretty much like people react to nerds quoting Monty Python: pain, contempt, etc. I find myself basically tuning out big swathes of these recordings. It’s just such a dull and generic D&D kinda place that it would suck even in a fantasy/adventure campaign; in what’s at least nominally a horror campaign, it’s… ugh.

    I would feel this way even if beloved characters from The New World campaign showed up in the Dreamlands… because, why couldn’t they?

    Enjoying the Australia section a lot so far. (More Dreamtime, less Dreamlands!) Ross and the players’ stitching together continuity as PCs perish and are replaced is the smoothest I’ve heard/heard about in this long meatgrinder of a campaign!

  4. I keep getting distracted by the need to know the geography of where the players are. I live in Darwin, so I keep thinking “they’re going from the dry tropics to the desert, so it’s from overnight temperatures of 24 Celcius to almost freezing – that’s gonna be a big change!”

    Really enjoying this though.

  5. Combat in Trails seems so swingy. Sean gets extra armor and STILL nearly dies in two hits, but the rest of the party barely gets scratched before they kill the flying not-a-tumah.

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