Fate Core: Aphrodite’s Diadem

diademTrouble is brewing on Mount Olympus. Beautiful Aphrodite has lost her prized diadem and it is up to a small group of heroes to find the artifact before discord tears the pantheon apart. Daedalus, Odysseus, Herodotus, and Tiresias must discover who stole the diadem and return it before it is too late. Between creatures of legend, Amazons, and meddling gods, can these august personages succeed in unraveling this mystery? This game was run by Ann using the Fate Core rules, with a few adjustments and house rules.

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  1. Loved the premise, Ann sounds like an incredibly organized GM, Poor Aaron (all the best wounds are self inflicted), Ross totally nailed Odysseus, and I am amazed at the amount of restraint it took to make this PG 13. Great stuff.

  2. Aaron manages to ask a god how the cuck situation’s going five minutes into the game, this could’ve been a new record for start to being put in a crate

    I SHALL BUILD A LABYRINTH FOR THE REGARDS. there is not one single bad Oglaf joke

  3. This was a great scenario! I love Greek mythology as a setting, and the Fate system works very well for it. And the preparation, with the props, house-rules, and handouts were super effective. Great job, Ann! I’m bummed that you and Sean have moved away from Springfield.

  4. This make a great film by Mel Brooks

  5. Ann, you need to gm more games on RPPR. Seriously, your grasp of plot (not to mention a mastery of genre) and humor plays so well with the long time crew. I want you to run a campaign.

    Ross, you nailed Odysseus.

    Great game.

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