World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 4

You are likely to eaten by a grue. The grue is likely to be taken by Slender Man.The investigators have uncovered a conspiracy of four families that has brought great evil upon the city. Each family held a part of an artifact of great power but when they misused it, everyone suffered a terrible fate. In order to stop the Slender Man, the investigators must find the four pieces. One piece is in the Tanner neighborhood, and a strange little girl is more than they realized. What secrets does she hold and is an enemy or ally?

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  1. Another week, another episode posted that I’ve already listened to.


  2. He’ll be back in a few weeks, and I’m sure he will make up for it with WTand EP.

  3. Author

    1. I will be back in one week.
    2. These preview episodes need to be posted eventually.
    3. Listeners would forget the plot if I posted them in long intervals.
    4. I will make it up when I get back with new episodes and videos.

  4. I betcha:

    1. The amulet is made from solid Unobtanium forged in the Vaults of Tharizdun and hir consort [hack][red][wibble]

    2. The leader of the Boyle family’s name is Lance…

    And so it goes…

    @Ross: just 1 week? Short trip to the future of humanityland

  5. So… three episodes in one week? Should I be hoping Ross goes on vacation more often? Anyway, I’ve been waiting forever for these, Episode 1 has been sitting on my player for months but I didn’t want to listen to it and forget what was going on, etc. So thanks for the posts, I was wondering if they were Members Only or something. The game itself is pretty awesome; as a fan of the whole Marble Hornets phenomena I’m a little disappointed that Slenderman isn’t really in this much, but whatever. Everyone’s character is interesting; I wanted to give specific props but it’s a waste of time, literally EVERYone’s character is interesting or becomes interesting. I’ll miss RJ’s nun and Cody’s Constantine, but oh well. I’m a little reluctant to get too invested in this as I’m pretty sure it ends unfinished, but it’s definitely a fun listen, especially with the fast paced combat.

    Amusing side note: I’m listening to the New World Campaign and was right at the same point, chronologically, where this was done (around episode 37 or 38 or something). Creepy synchronicity for me. Also, I keep hearing weird distortions in the audio… and for no reason my computer monitor seems to be affected by the mp3 playing… and then there’s the lost time… and waking up with my clothes on… meh, I’m sure it’s nothing. Hoping for another update tomorrow, but regardless, thanks for posting this.

  6. Author

    @MKS I’ve been in China since April 19. You can see pics of my trip at

  7. Ross you have nothing to make up. In fact, stick it to Dom. Stay another week, post more ransom APs and pick up yourself a bride.

  8. It’s fine Ross, I’m just moping because there haven’t been any “new” episodes for a while. I’ll hold you to that promise for new episodes when you’re back. 🙂

  9. nooo I’d forgotten we lose RJ and Cody in this episode. and RJ hadn’t even been being sassy. sad day. =(

  10. Of all the times to be missing sister Mary Shotgun. It’s too late but still, Aaron, don’t take guff from these pacifists, you’re a badass who plays by his own rules.

  11. Just curious if Sister Mary will be showing up again? Other then the park ranger, liked her the best. Another great game!

  12. Really liking the (slightly strained) friendship between Aaron and RJ’s characters. Pity to miss the limping shotgun Nun, but I can’t wait to see the next episode!

  13. Great show. Had to think back to the first episode I listened to. I was spooky as he77. I just keep thinking of the reassuring and comforting line “He… I used to be a park ranger…” Again, Great Show.

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