World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 2

Hi, I had an appointment. Can I come in?I’m on a trip right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fine Actual Play episodes.

The Slender Man campaign continues. In case you don’t remember, the characters from Candle Cove were reused for a campaign I never finished about Slender Man. In this episode, they start to pick up the pieces and figure out how to deal with Tom’s character and other threats. Enjoy!

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  1. it’s Splendorman! WoD crossover always makes me anxious, but hey. how’s Chiner? go get trashed in the club district in Nanjing for me! only thing I miss.

  2. I forget about the slender man mini game from the ransom, I never did finish it. We all appreciate you posting games while you’re on vacation Ross. It shows real dedication and love for the RPPR fans.

  3. Marble Hornets’ creation is amazing — like all good art, people are creating their own works; I’m constantly surprised when I see another little film or work incorporating that entity

  4. “Friday is New World,” Ross, your backlog, God damn man.

    That said, this was a really enjoyable AP, and I look forward to more installments of it. Also, Cody is “back” so hurray!

  5. I just hope we dont have to wait another 5 months for more awesomeness 😛

  6. Aww, no *new* APs this week? Just the Kickstarter previews?

    Oh well. Have a nice and well-deserved vacation, you purveyor of fine, fine Internet-based gaming crack! 🙂

  7. Yes, yes you are Ross.

    But at least your trains run on time.

  8. Slender man is a crappy roomie

  9. Ross reminds me of an old army buddy of mine (David Haun) from Fort Bragg, he was able to take an old boring (back then COC was not well presented in the RPG world) COC module and scare the Hell out of us. We would laugh for days afterwards and quote one liners from the games that no one else would get. Slinderman is just as scarry as the first goule we met. Sounds like you guys are having alot of fun, and I enjoy the show. Great show.

  10. woot! I was wondering what ever happened to this campaign. It seemed really good.

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