World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 3

Slender Man likes camping. With you. In this episode, the investigators are drawn to a goth concert held in an abandoned insane asylum. To learn more about Slender Man and the secrets that will be key to stopping him, they must find the artist hosting the concert and learn what they know. But it won’t be easy.  The artist has a few surprises of her own.

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  1. No one suspects the shotgun/swordcane totting teenage nun.

  2. @MKS that is kinda bad ass, im not usually inclined to believe stuff like that, but those things where damn creepy (refering to the nightcrawlers) the UFO in my opinion was a great hoax.

  3. Cody is the Dane Cook of RPPR. He’s not funny, often parrots someone else when they say something kind of funny, tosses in pop culture references or mocks Ross to try to make up for having nothing clever to say. Couldn’t finish this one, never want to hear his voice again.

    Yeah, yeah, I know he’s got followers of his lame schtick and they’ll let me know I should go fuck myself or should stop listening. Way ahead of you.

  4. Fun times, man it was good to hear Cody again, him singing Scrubs made my day at work.

  5. @Slanderman: good thing we all don’t share the same sense of humour; what a boring world that would be?

  6. Abawndowned bewlding killed me Mr. Cody… 😉

  7. wow, that…that’s extreme there, Slanderman. I’m glad I think all the RPPR players are great these days. even when Tom’s at his “are you cheating”est or RJ’s at his “that’s not a thing”est or Aaron’s at his “it’s like”est. I can feel the good within you let go of your HATE

  8. I’m just curious about what other comedians represent the rest of us in Slandermans mind.

  9. ^ FACT.

    Cody and RJ launching into No Scrubs was one of my favorite moments. Can Cody be distracting sometimes? Sure. But it’s not like he sabotages the game. It’s actually funny because I would say that the comparison of Cody to Dane Cook is apt; Not because Dane Cook isn’t funny, but rather because a lot of the good reception Dane Cook does get is due to his delivery. There’s something about Cody’s delivery that cracks me up, often regardless of whether what he’s saying is funny (but it usually is).

  10. What Vampires are not clitter coated misunderstood teen romance wossies? How can that be? Next you will tell me Cthulhu is just part of the endangerd species list, and an natural part of the eco sys. Hope you don’t get used to me saying it… Great show.

  11. oops… GLITER not clitter

  12. @Slanderman
    So what do you want us to do about it? *shrug*

    More Cody, please.

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