World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 5

Slender Man is an outdoorsman.In this episode, the investigators find the Grey Mansion and explore it to learn more about the families. They also have to deal with Little Red Riding Hood and her creator. As the mysteries of the city become deeper and darker, will the heroes ever find a way out?

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  1. did you guys ever actually catch Machete? it turned out to be a pretty slow and sappy movie about white people being assholes to immigrants legal and otherwise in the American southwest. which is true. but not really the tromed-out Once Upon a Time in Mexico I was expecting to see. =(

  2. Great show. I listen while I work outside (White guy who can’t hire an illegal to treat like crap.. poore me) Loved the concept of the Nun, reminds me of old Jap comics from the 80s. Anyone who can brow beat (and convince by crushing certain body parts)in the name of God has my respect. The running joke of the Non-Secret Agent always makes me laugh. Keep it up guys, I enjoy listening to RPGer’s having fun. Wish I could have recorded old sessions when I was gaming in my deep dark past.

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