World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 1

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No one knows what the mysterious entity known as Slender Man really is or what it does with the victims it abducts. Until now. A park ranger that survived the events of Candle Cove was later taken by the Slender Man. After a year, he returns a changed man. Other mysteries arise as the forces of darkness threaten the ranger and his friends. Can these mortals uncover survive? Find out in episode 1 of the Slender Man mini-campaign!



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  1. Why is a ransom reward being posted before the ransom is over?

  2. Author

    Because I want to let all the listeners know about the Slender Man campaign.

    I can add a new Call of Cthulhu game to the ransom games if you’d like.

  3. Finally! A new WoD adventure, oh how much I love this system. Kudos.

  4. Oh Ross, you and your Slenderman obsession.

    It’s cool to listen to your nWoD stuff though, see where you go with it. Especially since I’ll be running my own OC using nWoD sometime in the not to distant future.

  5. I’m a horrible greedy monster. Yes Ross, please. And hats off to Tom for another monstrous hero.

  6. I’m totally cool with a ransom game being put up. non-ransomeers won’t be seeing the end of the campaign for–how many episodes was it? six? so six weeks, if one gets posted every week, which wouldn’t be traditional? it’s advertising! go donate your $20 and see the incredible resolution of the Slenderman today!

    these games are rull interesting. Hunter seems to be by far the most popular NWoD system chez podcasts.

  7. Author

    RPPR is like a drug dealer: the first hit is always free 😀

  8. I did a Slenderman inspired game too when that first thread was around on Something Awful. Having the photoshopped pictures printed as photos and handouts really helped. Ran the scenario three times with different groups and tuned it. The last run was one of the best GMing I ever did.
    Very interested to see how this one will go.

  9. I’m excited to see all the old investigators again, I like this style of campagin.

  10. Holy crap, Aaron is playing a falsely accused, unliked, boss-sassing, hobo shooting, rule-breaking loose cannon. This might be the best AP ever.

  11. First off, Tom’s character was “away” for a year (as it says in the podcast description) or five years (as it is said in the podcast)?

    I bet Ross is already familiar with relevant nWoD rules, but forgive me and bless my heart for this surge of nerdism:
    1) Chases and other over-time actions call for extended (crafting) or contested-extended (footchase) rolls. Still, the “unless there will be a five successes difference between you” thingy worked just fine!
    2) When your pool is reduced to zero dice, you get a chance roll. Attention here: chance roll is considered success if it turns 10. Yes, you automatically reroll it as per 10-again rule.

    Thank you for this great AP!

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