Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes – Part 16 – Midnight

The agents have finally reached the Palace of Carcosa. The masquerade ball has started but midnight is closing in. They must find the author of the play and give him his bottle if they want a chance to escape. However, the clock ticks ever closer to the end of the party and the arrival of the King in Yellow. Say your goodbyes, for the end is here.

Maddy as Ryan West, paramedic
Thad as Marley Madelyn, FBI agent
Fae as Yersinia Riszek, cryptographer
Rob Stith as Jørgen Nygård, undercover agent
Ross as the Handler

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  1. Excellent campaign! One of the best RPPR has done and looking forward to the post mortem!

  2. This was incredible. The bespoke endings all were amazing, especially Yersinia and Marley’s. God I can’t wait for the post mortem.

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