Subsurface: The Backrooms

An expedition to the Backrooms has lost contact with Earth. The secretive foundation running the expedition sends in a team of operatives to reestablish contact and secure the zone. Whatever cut off the expedition doesn’t want them to succeed though.

Ross as the GM
Aaron as Stanford Greeman, researcher
Tom as Abelard, creep
Chris as Random Tangent, enforcer

SUBSURFACE is an action horror tabletop RPG inspired by F.E.A.R, Half-Life, Dusk, Doom, the SCP Foundation, and FIST by CLAYMORE. In this game, operatives trapped in the lowest levels of the Pit try to fight their way up countless floors of horror to get to the surface, in the wake of a terrible and mysterious subterranean disaster.

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  1. Great episode! Hope you do more of this in the future

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