Delta Green: Operation ABLE INQUISITIVE

RPPR News: If you want some Delta Green themed movies, shows, and game recommendations, check out the latest episode of RPPR Recommendizer! Caleb, Jason, and I discuss our picks and why they’re Delta Green themed.

Synopsis: Buffalo, New York has flooded and some of its casualties exhibited unusual injuries. A retired Delta Green agent was investigating something in Buffalo before the flood but she’s since disappeared. The team must go into the flood zone and find out what’s going on.

Copper as the GM
Aaron as Alex Darlington, NOAA Oceanographer
Maddy as Hanna Phillips, FBI agent
Chris as Wernicke Darr, Space Force
Ross as Earnest Forsythe, CIA agent
Tom as James Hauser, Navy SEAL

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  1. Man I ran this with Copper, super excited to see what you all did.

  2. This was great! Hats off to Copper for an awesome scenario! Loved every minute of it

  3. Author

    yeah, Copper did a great job. Big thanks to him for running this original scenario for us!

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