Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes – Part 8 – Mirror, Mirror

The agents have escaped but everything has changed, including themselves. As some of the agents discover exactly how much has changed, others wonder about what their next step. They all agree that Dr. Dallan, head of Dorchester House, has answers and they have a plan to get that information out of him…

Maddy as Ryan West, paramedic
Thad as Marley Madelyn, FBI agent
Fae as Yersinia Riszek, cryptographer
Rob Stith as Jørgen Nygård, undercover agent
Ross as the Handler

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  1. Another awesome episode!

  2. i really hate Yersinia the character is so selfish

  3. I don’t know if coincidence or what, but Fae really seems to like playing obnoxiously selfish characters.

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