Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes – Part 1 – Welcome to the Macallistar Building

An artist disappears in New York City in 1995. Four agents of Delta Green, a conspiracy dedicated to fighting the unnatural, investigate the case. They find her apartment building, The Macallistar, is home to strange residents and even stranger events. They have unknowingly set foot on the stage of the King in Yellow. The play has begun! Let our players entertain you…

Read Yersinia Riszek’s backstory to learn more about her tragic history.

Maddy as Ryan West, paramedic
Thad as Marley Madelyn, FBI agent
Fae as Yersinia Riszek, cryptographer
Rob Stith as Jørgen Nygård, undercover agent
Ross as the Handler

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  1. A promising start to what is sure to be an excellent campaign.

  2. YEEEESSSS….been waiting forever for Ross to finally run a Impossible Landscape Campaign.
    Totally can’t wait to see how this turns out!
    Carcosa being my favorite mythos.

  3. The moment I heard the word “pattern” in relation to the clown my mind started -going places-, involving a king in a different color than yellow.

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