Eclipse Phase: Chancel

A reclusive oligarch, Jorge Fugger, has liquidated his entire portfolio in a single massive gatecrashing operation. Firewall knows he funneled vast amounts of material and personnel through the Martian Gate, all to a single location. A team of agents is sent in to infiltrate the operation and report back. They find more than they bargained for…

Chris as Chi, Barsoomian hackivist
Amanda as Estika, xenoarcheologist
Tom as Goddard, gatecrasher

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  1. Welcome Amanda! I really want to see Amanda’s version of DnD being played.

  2. I have to say, every time someone new is plopped down in the middle of Eclipse Phase, it is a delight. A real-life recreation of your experience waking up as an infomorph post-Fall. “What would I if I woke up in a robot body, trapped on an alien world, possibly a hundred years from now???” That was just *chef’s kiss*

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