Delta Green: Up Jumped The Reaper

Nikki Sandson is a promising graduate student pursuing a degree in American Folklore. For her dissertation, she had planned to catalog and analyze the tales of several isolated communities deep in the western North Carolina Mountains. Now, she and her boyfriend are missing in the rugged terrain and her family fears the worst. Two private investigators and one of Nikki’s colleagues follow her steps to find her.

This scenario comes form Fear’s Sharp Little Needles, an anthology of Call of Cthulhu scenarios, easily adaptable for Delta Green rules.

Caleb as Dr. Lyle Bennington, Anthropologist
Jason as Sapphon Arnault, private investigator
Maddy as Veronica turner, private investigator
Ross as the Handler

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  1. Very fun listen! Loved how everyone played their character and those were really creepy things you add to this Ross.

  2. I’m still hoping for a full integration of Wellman’s ‘John the Balladeer’ with the Cthulhu genre — so we’ll finally have a literal Mythos hoedown. This is another step towards that glorious future!

  3. Author

    Interestingly enough, I did start reading Who Fears The Devil, the first SIlver John story collection.

  4. The short stories he wrote in the 50s-60s are (IMO) better than the 4-5 John novels he put out in the ’80s — I think you’ve got the best of the material in your hands there.

  5. Ooh. Don’t know how I missed this. I live not too far from Asheville. Never been to Graham County before, though. That’s a fairly remote area, even by NC mountain standards.

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