Frontier Scum: Bring Me The Head of Lucifer Morningstar

A new prophet, who calls himself Lucifer, is gathering an army out in the wastelands. The marshal of Fort Gullet views Lucifer as a threat to his own power. He arrests three desperados and gives them an offer they can’t refuse. Kill Lucifer and bring his head back to Fort Gullet for a reward or else. The three strangers head out into the Lost Frontier to seek their fortune…

Luke Stratton as R Jebediah Rutherford – Check out Luke’s podcast, The Ship of the Dead and his new game Pirate Borg!
Jason as Belium Cussy
Thad as Archibald Scrancher Dungaree

Frontier Scum is a rules-lite Acid Western roleplaying game. An auto-destructive, violent and LSD-infused take on Spaghetti Westerns, about wanted outlaws making their mark on an unreal Lost Frontier.

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  1. Damn, Thad was on a roll in this game! Great game!

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