A curse haunts the Lost Frontier.The waters of the Fox River are tainted and those that come into contact with the water risk the curse. Three desperate men are doomed to die horrible deaths but have found a possible way to remove their curses. They must travel to the source of the river, atop Unholy Mountain. What horrors await them atop the peak?

Aaron as “William Tiff” Flanagan
Tom as James Harrow
Dan as Phillip Strongwater
Ross as the GM

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A new prophet, who calls himself Lucifer, is gathering an army out in the wastelands. The marshal of Fort Gullet views Lucifer as a threat to his own power. He arrests three desperados and gives them an offer they can’t refuse. Kill Lucifer and bring his head back to Fort Gullet for a reward or else. The three strangers head out into the Lost Frontier to seek their fortune…

Luke Stratton as R Jebediah Rutherford – Check out Luke’s podcast, The Ship of the Dead and his new game Pirate Borg!
Jason as Belium Cussy
Thad as Archibald Scrancher Dungaree

Frontier Scum is a rules-lite Acid Western roleplaying game. An auto-destructive, violent and LSD-infused take on Spaghetti Westerns, about wanted outlaws making their mark on an unreal Lost Frontier.