Chew: Murder at Grub Con – Part 1

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Synopsis: Grub Con is the premier convention for Foodtube creators and fans. Cooks, competitive eaters, chuggers, and other eccentric foodies hang out at Grub Con to meet, party, and talk shop. Last night, someone killed Sandy Bontel, a competitive eater. A new team of FDA agents must catch the murderer before they strike again!

Aaron as Dinah Mama Maple the mascot
Thad as Caden Morbeef the lowlife
Caleb as Clint Rudaburger  the inspector

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  1. Never read Chew but the ap was cool. Got about half the food tuber references. One question, were the powers something you picked from the gamebook or is it something everyone creates with the GM?

  2. Author

    Oh, the book has a list of suggested food powers but I made up the powers of the foodtubers.

    The PC powers were chosen from the book’s list. You can create your own during character creation though.

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