Base Raiders: Project Bildungsroman

A group of Base Riaders have all been approached by Vivien, a scarred woman with an intriguing tale. She claims to represent a group who have a lead on a particularly rich base. They do not have the power necessary to get particular items they want in the base, so they need their help.Will the team of freelancers be able to defeat the security of the the vault and help the group?

Arcannon – Birk
Professor White – Caleb
After Image – Aaron
Sparkles – Thad
Ross as the GM

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  1. Love Sparkles the PC.

    Especially with Caleb playing….

    Great OG New Base Raiders! Thanks RPPR!

    Brings back memories of the RPPR BR campaign.

  2. online play does lose just a little bit from the table but that it means Thad has been able to return (and maybe Caleb’s been able to get on more often? feels like it, anyway!) is such a joy

    very good stuff

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I wasn’t expecting to see new Base Raiders games after all this time.

    Listening to this was a real joy. PC Sparkles is a barrel of laughs. Plus Caleb is always fantastic in this setting. I always like hearing his characters’ perspectives on Ragnarok and what it means for people.

  4. “Carol is a good, strong name for a horse resembler!”

    Sparkles was amazing, as always. A little disappointing that he picked Carol for the boon of horse-resembling, and then didn’t at least try to convince her to use a code name, like ‘Corral’.

    Or, y’know, he could’ve picked another NPC, like Ember – which already sounds quite horsey – or Lovelace.

    (“Heed my words, Lovelace: While you’re resembling the horse, you must become the horse! We shall refer to you by a secret cover identity, to hide your not-horseness. And your new horse name shall be, oh… picking something at random… Hmm, how about ‘Lady Lovely Locks’?”)

  5. Author

    thanks! Glad to hear this game was a success. Don’t worry I will keep posting Base Raiders one shots every few months.

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