Monster of the Week: Godzilla versus Malum

After Mothra and Battra defeated Godzilla, a new agency called G-Force created a deniable black ops team for special missions. After a new kaiju called Malum arose, awakening Godzilla, the team heads out on their first mission. A corporation based on Tokyo may know the secret behind Malum’s existence so the team must infiltrate their headquarters before Godzilla flattens the city. Inside the skyscraper, the team faces mercenaries, monsters, and deadly traps and a far more dangerous threat. (This game is set in the Heisei era of Godzilla movies).

Tom as Robert deMarco the monstrous (robot)
Aaron as Hikari the divine mothra priestess
Thad as Francis the spooky (human)
Rob (from the Orpheus Protocol) as Solphe the spooky (alien)

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  1. ‘Tom as Robert deMarco the monstrous’

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you at this turn of events

  2. Is Ross still working on a kaiju style rpg where you play as a mecha/monster?

    Also Godzilla AP is really funny. Thank you RPPR.

  3. Author

    Not right now – working on turning the night clerk scenario into a zine. I haven’t forgotten it though.

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