Delta Green: Night Floors – Featuring Pretending to be People

The cast of Pretending to be People, a Delta Green AP podcast, agreed to let me run them through Night Floors, perhaps my single favorite DG scenario. An artist in New York City has gone missing under circumstances unusual enough to merit Delta Green’s attention. A team of FBI agents comb through her apartment building for a clue only to find a mystery that perhaps should not be unraveled.

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  1. Never gotten around listening to PtbP, but heard great things about them.
    Nightfloors is undoubtedly one of the creepiest DG scenarios I’ve run. Always a blast.

  2. I really liked the scenario. Adding creepy background music and sound effects is great. 🙂
    Love inpossible geometry and anything having to do with the King In Yellow.
    Reminded me of an older RPPR scenario where the PCs were trapped in a motel.

  3. my two favorite APs colliding. i want Zach to run an session for the RPPR boys, see how he deals with their particular craziness

  4. I actually was interested in checking out “Pretending to be People”.
    Now I know that they are not for me, their playstyle is a bit to much “stoned fratboys” for me.

    Ross is however terrific as always!

  5. “Think real hard” “No”

    I died.

  6. The most Ross Payton of all scenarios. I loved how the players just burrowed deeper and deeper into the hotel.

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