Eclipse Phase: Safe House Raids – The Eighth Sea – Episode 2

The Eighth Sea, a new criminal syndicate on Mars, has taken a job to destroy multiple Night Cartel safe houses. The Night Cartel is embroiled in a system-wide gang war with other larger cartels, and the Eighth Sea hopes to profit from the chaos. Time to blow up a heavily guarded ego backup server!

Dan as Chaiu, an Uplift Gatecrasher
Jay B as Eleazar, a Shoguysha Ego Hunter
Jason A as Designate, an AGI hacker
Renee as Cadence, an AGI psychosurgeon

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  1. Haven’t listened to it yet, but wondering if this was in the Know Evil/Duality continuity, and if so, when it fits in.

  2. Yes!!! More Eclipse Phase!!!

  3. I see they’ve started out their criminal careers with an eye towards trade-craft and plausible deniability. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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