Delta Green: Operation OPAL ELK

Two Delta Green agents uncovered a criminal conspiracy with an unknown capacity for hypergeometry, demonstrating the capacity to bring dead men back to life. Before the agents could do anything about it, they were attacked and barely escaped with their lives. Now a new team of four agents has been assembled to take down the organization and destroy any hypergeometry vectors, without being killed, arrested, or identified.

This is a sequel to a Patreon game I ran and you can listen to that game on Youtube.

Cast: Caleb as Kelsey, a federal agent
Birk as Hugo, a special forces operator
Tom as Sherman, a special forces operator
Aaron as Virginia, a paramedic
Ross as the GM

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  1. Caleb and Aaron competing for the worst dice rolls is always a good time.

  2. This was great. So many memorable quotes and had me laughing a lot.

  3. I’m converting the youtube video into an audio file. Then I will put that and this together in a folder, and listen to them back-to-back.

  4. You got to put this episode in the RPPR Best of.

  5. *insane cackling*

    No, really. Thanks for the (many) laughs!

  6. Yeah, it was good. And I liked the “pre-lude” game as well. Very different games, but all of it very Delta Green.

  7. It was going so well – then suddenly it wasn’t.

    This is a definite candidate for a “Best Of” game. This one, Manhunt, and the last God’s Teeth game show how funny (and still dark) Delta Green games can be.

  8. Holy shit, what a finale. Really fun episode, and I liked the setup.

  9. Great episode. Ross, you make people roll dice *way* more than you’re supposed to for DG!

  10. Good effect on target.

  11. Oh-my-god. Best ending 100%. /laughs maniacally

  12. I couldn’t understand what happened right at the end. What happened after the last two failed their POW check?

  13. New and improved(?) Delta green fight song:


    When Miskatonic fucks things up,
    We gather all of the corrupt.
    We put a bullet in their head.
    To ash we turn all the undead.

    Yes, local folks as human sheild.
    Our motto is “we do not yeild”.
    Unless you’re tom we stay away,
    From things that promise “you’ll be ok”.

    Protect the world from what we know.
    Our handler says we cant go home.
    We read until our minds are sick,
    A bomb or eight should do the trick.

    “Yaaaaaaay government!”
    Our scars are permanent!

    Yes, that’s the work of

    Oh, the perks of deeeeltaaaaa greeeeeen!

    (But late on this, but I only listened to the episode today. Good game guys. A lot cleaner than most DG sessions end.)

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