Unknown Armies: The Treasure Hunt – Episode 3

The Ska Band cabal needs to summon an angel to bless a divining rod. Fortunately they know of a nearby cult that specializes in summoning angels (located next to a giant cross). The cult leader is willing to help if only the cabal can help them locate a missing member of the congregation and the fortune in bitcoin they had on a USB drive…

Cast: Bill as Nate a Phonomancer (a new custom adept school)
David as Cici, a Vestomancer
Greg as Glenn, a Dpsomancer
and Ross as the GM

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  1. They should be looking for a nun or a Protestant pastor named Angela.

  2. @Rafael Sabino

    “Which anime would the angels prefer?” is a very loaded question. With dozens and dozens of titles out there with widely different subject matters and themes, I’m pretty sure the title picked by either Bill or me would have been similarly lethal to a small piece of you.

    What is your title to show the angels, and why would you pick that one? Let’s see if we can bring you back to life with a friendly discussion of better choices. ^_^

  3. Oh man, that roadside cross is way too familiar a sight. It’s kind of surreal to hear RPPR setting a campaign in my former backyard.

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t go for the bigger, creepier, and more famous Bald Knob Cross, though. I saw it before the recent repairs, and it looked like something out of Planet of the Apes.

  4. Author

    The RPPR crew passes by the Effingham Cross every year on the way to Gen Con, so of course I had to use that.

    Angel summoning is an actual historical thing in the occult but I’m also a fan of the Angel Summoner/BMX Bandit sketches as well.

  5. There are many terrible things that I would happily have my character do in a roleplaying game. Hurting a poor innocent dog, though? You monsters!

  6. @malkav11

    I can assure you that no actual dogs were harmed in the making of this episode. The dogs were, in fact, plushie dogs with robotic actuators inside to simulate the movements of a real dog but were in fact PseudoDoge ™ brand simulacra, guaranteed to be 90% indistinguishable from the real thing.

    Kidding aside, with the exception of Ross everyone at the table has been lucky enough to become the chosen human for one or more canine companions. While we play horrible people who would suggest these things to convey villainousness, *none* of us would ever willingly do anything to hurt an innocent dog. I for one would not be able to live with myself, or with the Chihweanie that spends every waking moment of his life in the closest proximity to me that he can manage.

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