Threadbare: Off to See the Clockmaker

Once upon a time, there were humans who built toys and a great many other things. The humans are now gone, but the toys remain, now magically animated by some mysterious force. A trio of three toys has set off to see the Clockmaker, who is said to be able to repair any defect in any toy. It will be a long journey but the toys will risk everything to see the Clockmaker!

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  1. Pretty good, but man– that was like Pun-ocalypse. I shudder to imagine what David will do in a sequel. 😉

  2. @Wyrd

    What wood I do in a sequel? Now that Log is armed, there’s no telling how dangerous he can get.

  3. Listening to this and the main thing that’s my takeaway is it’s nice to hear Bill be back. I downloaded the Armitage Files to listen to recently and forgot how fun that campaign is.

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Unknown Armies!!!!

  5. Great AP, really enjoyed it! Very tightly run, David was at his best (also very interesting character idea; a bit limiting but limits can stimulate creativity!), and Bill and Greg were great, also!

    Also I agree with the others: Omg, Unknown Armies!

  6. Okay listeners, new drinking game for this episode.

    Take a sip for every pun, follow-up with two if there’s a follow-up pun.
    Take a sip for every reference made, follow-up with two if there’s a follow-up .
    Take a drink any time Ross does because his players are driving him to it.

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