Unknown Armies: The Treasure Hunt – Episode 2

After defeating an adversary, the High School Ska Band cabal wants to steal the dead man’s occult loot. This entails breaking into his house, finding a mystical object of value, and dealing with any unnatural inhabitants inside. Eventually, the cabal ends up at the ruins of Ha Ha Tonka Castle on an important mission…

Cast: Bill as Nate a Phonomancer (a new custom adept school)
David as Cici, a Vestomancer
Greg as Glenn, a Dpsomancer
and Ross as the GM

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  1. I had a long rant typed and then deleted about David’s character and how he was generating a major charge..and then I realized he was a vestomancer and was just meaning significant charge when he said major. 🙂

    Its been one of those weeks apparently.

  2. Riley, my apologies. I’ve always managed to get those twisted; it makes more sense to me that a minor charge does something minor, a major does something bigger, and a significant would be something… well, significant. World-alteringly big. Please forgive me for getting the terminology continually twisted.

    That said, I do hope you like my method for picking up the I-want-to-do-bigger-magic points. There are many ways in which a garment would become a Legacy garment, and this method was far less ghoulish than my previous vestomancer who worked in a morgue and harvested clothing in which people died.

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