Bedlam Hall: The Halloween Party

Bedlam Hall is a macabre role-playing game set in the Victorian age, where the players become the hapless servant staff of the Blackwood Family, tasked with maintaining a semblance of order within the House while vying for prestige and privilege among their fellow staff members. The Blackwood family celebrates Halloween, including setting up a fake village so the children may trick or treat. The staff must cater to all of the family’s whims, regardless of the cost to themselves. Find out who may get fired or promoted in this special one shot.

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  1. Children Chunking, Priest Stabbing, & very delicious Pastries. RPPR crew sure knows how to throw a great Old English Halloween party!

    This was just hilarious! I love the acents, & Tom gets my Vote for Best Chef Ever!

  2. Tom’s accent and dreary deadly monologues really take the cake.

  3. Amazing. Also i would never trust any of the RPPR crew to be one of my servants.

  4. I’m disappointed this wasn’t about the Darlington family, truly a missed opportunity.

  5. I caught Tom’s reference to Roald Dahl’s “A Lamb to Slaughter”.

  6. I really have to give credit to Ross’s GMing skills here. Handling that many NPCs and Players, each with their own location and agenda, is spinning quite a lot of plates.

  7. Listening to this makes me want to hear RPPR’s take on Candlewick Manor. Even just a mini-campaign or something.

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