Orpheus Protocol: Fugue

A man, a self-proclaimed psychic, sleep walks onto the road, causing a car to crash. Inside the trunk is a man’s body. The driver has no memory of the incident. As the sheriff tries to puzzle out the pieces, an agent of a secretive corporation arrives, following the trail of a missing person of interest. The psychic, sheriff, and agent all find themselves involved in the same mystery. It leads to a horrifying nightmare beyond their comprehension.

Special guest GM, Rob Stith from the Orpheus Protocol podcast visited us at RPPR to run a special one shot of his game. Enjoy and if you liked this episode, please check out the Orpheus Protocol.

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  1. I really liked this! my cynical response when anything reminds me of Delta Green and/or SCP is to go “oh, another one,” but genres exist for a reason, and the grim meatiness of this scenario really worked for me. good choice on the pregens and good performances from everyone. in terms of content, climax and characters, it felt very Stokesy. highest praise!

    will def check out the…55?! episodes on your own site. [please god put a ‘skip to oldest page of posts’ button in or make the one that is there more obvious, it was only a couple buttonclicks but I’ve been on podblogs before that were, uh, way more than a couple to get back to the otherwise-inaccessible beginning)

  2. Very much enjoyed the episode, and as eloquently phrased by sevrlbats, the ‘meatiness’ of the ‘orrible things in Orpheus is always a treat. I also have to say, while the long-form nature of the podcast itself is fun, the horror shines best to me in these one-shots with the less supernaturally powerful agents, like the prelude to the main podcast. The monster loses some of it’s terror when a guy with a magic sword cuts it to bits. πŸ˜›

  3. Bill and Tom have the best pissing contests. The Keystone Cops bit to decide who goes into the barn was great.

  4. Rob’s storytelling skills really shine through here. From the pacing to the descriptions, this was audio gold.

  5. yeah I too liked Rob’s GMing. I’m not sold on Orpheus, but I do like their Init/Feng Shui system.

    Rob did a good job for the game.

  6. I gotta say, everybody was really on-point this game. Perfect pre-gen selection, too; everyone was perfectly “cast” for the role they played. Bill is great at playing sheriff types (I got a strong Hopper vibe) and Ross is always great at playing psychics, weirdos, and people out of their depths. And Tom… I don’t think there’s ever been a (human) character better suited to Tom than his Orpheus agent.

    Really great stuff all around, guys!

  7. I really enjoyed the story, the storytelling and the characters. I did not like the mechanics at all, they seemed very fiddly, which may have been due to teaching them at the table.

    Ok, enjoyed isn’t strong enough, I *loved* the monster, but I still have almost an hour to go.

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