Eclipse Phase: Forced Retirement

BackupSanctuary_AlexDrummondA group of Firewall agents awaken in a remote underground bunker built on a distant exoplanet. Firewall has built a sanctuary to restart humanity if the TITANs destroy everything else. It is hidden to the best of Firewall’s capabilities and designed with their most extreme safeguards. The team is one such safeguard. They are an erasure squad tasked with reclaiming the facility from rogue Firewall agents. Instead of following the standard wake up protocols, the first wave of agents have turned on each other. The team must stop them before they destroy the facility. They have no communication or news from the outside universe. Has humanity fallen? Was this a test or an error gone awry? Did an enemy of Firewall sabotage the base? As the team prepares for battle, the questions rattle in their heads…

(Please note that the first 20 or so minutes of the AP are missing due to a technical error on my part. I re-summarized the game, so you won’t miss any important details. Sorry!)

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  1. Yay Eclipse Phase! πŸ˜€

    This game was more of a cluster fuck than most RPPR games. Lots of talking over each other made it alittle grating to follow. Other than that, pretty good stuff.

  2. I loved the differences between this AP and the Patreon one on YouTube, and how well all the players held true to form – Aaron trying to please all the NPC’s, Tom playing the remorseless octopus, and Drew wanting to blow everything up especially. I also loved the way the party started breaking down as options appeared. DO wish one of them had asked Factotum what the date was, though.

  3. I don’t think this one was any worse than any other. In fact it was much better than the haunted house one.

  4. Really enjoyed the episode and it now answers the question of what would happen at a Firewall Back Up Sanctuary.

    But then maybe it was just a simulspace after all…the ending was pretty open ended. I’d say this is one of my favourite RPPR Eclipse Phase APs along with The Devotees.

    Hmm..AWE would have come in pretty handy actually in making a new society though. ”Oh, by the way the Nine Lives linked Faction have access to AWE, in case you needed another reason to wipe them out.”

    Regarding the different factions, I have two queries. One is why didn’t the controlling AI just nerve gas / shut down life support for everyone and then start again. Two, how many times were the Erasure Squad resleeved after the first event (took place?).

    Great to actually see the different factions in Firewall in place.

    Keep up the great APs RPPR!

  5. And also, I was counting the minutes until the Erasure squad turned into a faction themselves.

  6. This was awesome. More Eclipse Phase is always cool.

  7. Ah, good times. I greatly enjoyed to party tension at the end.

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