Atomic Robo: The Fighting Scientists of Tesladyne – Episode 6

this-guyThe saga of the fugitive Tesladyne scientists has led to a submarine chase and now an underground base! The heroes must travel to the base, overcome its defenses, and learn what their enemy is doing with the mysterious energies locked within the facility. Majestic 12 goons, weird monsters, conspiracies within conspiracies, and possibly an undead Thomas Edison? Who knows what our brave and slightly insane heroes will face? A former Nazi dinosaur, “android” engineer, reformed mad scientist, and a Biomega creature are all that stands between us and total Armageddon!

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  1. “You will give me a title of the campaign before I post it, right?”


  2. As a less experienced GM, I’d love for Aaron to explain a bit more about the challenge levels for the non-Alan stuff. Did you feel they were blowing through challenges too easily and tried to adjust midstream, or is it a system effect of FATE?

  3. I too would like to hear that. As Newb GM myself I find it’s hard to gage that.

    Also it’s nice to hear RPPR doing something a bit less intense than usual as a palet cleanser.

    Keep up the good work A-(a)Ron

  4. “It’s like Minecraft barfed M.C. Escher all over the map.” still great…

  5. “This game is 100% Fraggle Rock.”

    I’ve heard that tossed around a lot recently on episodes. I take it that just means not taking anything super seriously, but is there any origin to that, or is it just some gaming term I missed

  6. Author

    Fraggle Rock came out of the RPPR Red Markets campaign, which has not yet been posted. It is explained in an episode of Game Designer’s Workshop though. In our first playtest of Red Markets, we all chose silly names for our characters in what is a very serious and dark game. Some names were associated with the show Fraggle Rock, I think. It has become shorthand among the RPPR crew for silly, over the top games.

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