Base Raiders: The Vault

boost-patchNews: Get the newest Base Raiders PDF supplement: Boost Patches! Temporary super powers without permanent side effects. The PDF also includes the adventure seed for the Lost Treasure of the Candy Man.

A group of civilians, all stranger to each other, are invited for a chance to gain wealth and power. It turns out that a base raider believes that these strangers can bypass certain defensive systems in a villain’s lair that he cannot – super powered beings trigger security systems that normal humans do not. In order to access the base though, the civilians must pass an automated henchman recruiting test and only then can they secure the treasure of the base. But what isn’t the mysterious base raider telling the civilians about the base? What lies in the vault at the bottom of the base? Delve into the secret behind the base of the Red Mantis in this one shot AP!

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  1. Woot, base raiders!

  2. Spoiler: Damn, the threat is a stranglet!

  3. Caleb has a tendency to completely steal the show in Base Raider games and this is no exception.

  4. crazy cat lady even had a, like, an arc. I think he summed it up best himself in saying “it was a Base Raiders game.” they are all kind of the same in terms of how they feel, but the individual insane elements are so all over the place that it really does work.

  5. Theory: Caleb plays crazy assholes (matadors, homeless drug addicts, cat ladies) because if he plays anyone with normal faculties, he turns into Keyser Soze.

  6. @DanThundet I agree with you entirely because that’s exactly what happened here! Caleb admitted “I’m playing Tina from Bob’s Burgers” but what happened when she applied the genius patch? Manjappazation!
    How do you make Manjappa? It’s simple! Take one Caleb and just add competence.

  7. Caleb you decadent mad fool, it’s been a while since listening to the RPPR actual plays that I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time*. For a while, as a cat person, I wasn’t sure if you just got stuck with the least popular pregenerated character or the best ever as this is one of the best ideas for a bunch of normal people going into Base Raiding.

    *Note before anyone listens to this Base Raiders game to be sure to not drink stuff too often, many hilarious moments occur. Bad Jaguar Jaguar, Meow Meow.

  8. Very fun session! And it is definitely a great way to start a potential campaign.

    I also think the Boost Patches are a great way to ease new players into the game.

    And David’s ex-minion character was GREAT. I loved his bitter sweet, nostalgic memories.

  9. Good session! I, for one, demand a follow-up detailing the continuing adventures of Cyborg Sweet & Low and Jaguar-Jaguar.

  10. As to Caleb all I will do is point out that no photographs of him exist. Do you trust his stated reasons? Or is something else at play here?

  11. “I wonder what that green devil face on the wall does?”

  12. Man I can’t wait to run my own origin story game

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