World of Darkness: Candle Cove

Candle Cove by Ean Moody Candle Cove was a kid’s show in the early 70s that many remember seeing but no one has ever found proof it ever existed. Until now. Three friends find a tape that supposedly contains an episode of the show. Soon after they play the tape, a strange man appears at their doorstep and the three mortals find themselves in a desperate struggle between a dangerous cult and a being beyond comprehension, known only as the ‘Skin Taker’. Enjoy this double length AP as our way of sayings thanks for making the Codex of War ransom!

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!

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  1. That was some creepy shit. The windows breaking, for whatever reason, really got me freaked out, as did having the players split up through a dark house. Excellent work.

    “Let me see that badge again. This is a tree. You have a tree on your badge.”

  2. wow i just read the blog. crazy ass shit

  3. Guys, this was absolutely amazing.
    I’ve never been so drawn into an actual play like this one before, I listened to all six hours in one go. I actually felt sad at the end, realizing that’d probably be the last I would hear of these characters. The players all role played fantastically, their friendships were as compelling as they were humorous. There were quite a few heartwarming moments in there, and overall, I just have to say, this affected me on a level RPG’s rarely do.
    It was alternating between hillarious and terrifying, which in my opinion is the most effective way for horror to work in an RP game. It doesn’t leave everyone bummed out after the game, and it creates the greatest moments.
    I do have one thing to say though.
    I started listening to it at midnight, and ended as the sun rose.
    And then I realized I had class that morning. S**T!

    Any chance RJ (I believe that’s the players name, the priest) will be appearing in other APs? I enjoyed his character, and how well he roleplayed. Also, the voice he used when convincing people made me laugh my ass off. While that is a simple feat when your high on sleep deprivation, it still earns a mention.

    So all in all, I loved it, keep ’em coming.

  4. Yes. Opening scene, freaked and weirded me out. The goddamn latin and Emily. System didn’t seem that bad and neither did Aaron.

    Nice change of pace too. Second half was less creepy but there was more direction.

    A great double shot.

  5. Yes, Great AP! Arjay was great, can’t wait to here him in more offten! Aaron was great too, but then again I allways rooted for him! Tom, spot on park ranger! haha!

  6. It might have been the sleep dep. but towards the end when Tom kinda shouted ‘I’m a park ranger!’ I fell out of my chair laughing.

    Aaron was good in this one, and I liked RJ’s style. Plus Latin Prayers are always a bonus.

  7. This was a great AP. I mean really, great. RJ and Tom were a good contrast to one another, and I noticed some improvements in Aaron’s playing. Kudos to Ross for turning Candle Cove of all things into a two-part game.

  8. Cool AP!

    I imagine that this is the song that will play as the credits for this AP roll.

  9. That was a great listen! I loved both of your WoD sessions. Do more! I would love to see you guys go through a Hunter the Vigil game!

  10. I really enjoyed this session…

    Great scenario, very strong and entertaining role-play and calliope music = Good times!

    I loved Tom’s bad-ass park ranger!

    “I’m good at Survival! I’m a Park Ranger!”

    Aaron was pretty good as the nerdy, bookworm sort and despite the “oh-here-we-go-again-with-the-boy-scout” initial first impression; I think Aaron finished the scenario in fine form… Good job Aaron!

    The MVP of this actual play has got to be RJ. Wow, talk about some great, vivid role-playing. I think RJ really made this scenario work. I loved the protagonist/antagonist arc of his character. The verses in latin, the meeting with the “cult” leader and his interaction with “Emily” really breathed that spark of life into his character. Hats off to RJ, I would love to hear him play in more of your AP’s.

    RJ, Cody, Tom and Bill would make a great line-up for your next CoC game Ross!

    Another great way to pass 6 hours! Thanks for posting these AP’s Ross… you’re doing the “Lord’s” work or are you…..hhmmmm….. muwhahahahahaha!

  11. Hearing this makes me want to see a WoD based on the Slenderman/Marble Hornets mythos, seeing as it arose from a similar source as Candle Cove.

  12. Author

    I am planning to do just that – hunter with some changeling influence

  13. This game convinced me to look into the World of Darkness Storyteller system. I wish I could run games as amazingly well as that one was. Somehow in the space of two sessions the group created such amazingly interesting characters. If I could get any type of writeup of this game… man… Heck, I might try and run a game just like it myself.

  14. One of the best RP sessions I’ve experienced. The characters were great. It’s too bad this was a “two-shot” game because I’d love to hear more about all three of these characters.

    Like the previous commenter, this game has convinced me to take a closer look at the WoD system.

  15. The German childrens book discussed, with the red legged scissor man, and the girl who played with matches and was burned. Struwwelpeter. I own a copy. It’s crazy scary at parts, and utterly banal at others.


  16. (somewhat spoiler post)

    I think this chronicle would have been creepier if Janice was still in the show (instead of Emily) as if she hasn’t aged eversince 1971 while inside the show all these years.

    (spoiler post)

  17. That was amazing guys! Loved every minute.
    Are you going to Publish the “Cylinder Man” campaign you were talking about at the end too?

  18. hey, can someone tell me what this is before i listen to it? PLEASE?

  19. Dammit, 1:30am, and I’m only 2 hours and 18 minutes into this. I will continue in the morning!

    And, you sound like a great group to play with. “Is that a tree on your badge?!?” Hehehehehe.

  20. Nice reference to the Doctor Who episode: Blink.

  21. The beginning was super creepy. They pop in the tape, someone happens to show up at that exact moment. Then he starts throwing rocks through the windows. What would a normal person do it’s so out of the realm of the ordinary. The part that stuck with me the most is when the old guy says “Boo” and the lights go out. Awesome!

  22. That was so amazing!!! I love your group! Especially the GM!!!

    The creepiest part was easily when the cult watched the video and the new puppet appeared and talked directly to the crowd… CREEPY!!!!!

    You guys dont just happen to live in MD by any chance do you? Or at least be wiling to play with someone over skype?? Let me know! XD

  23. Hey, I know this one’s been up for a long time, but I just listened to it the other day.

    I thought using an angel/demon who, not having eaten of the fruit, had no knowledge of good and evil, was awesome. Since first hearing about the concept of pre-Adam and Eve beings not knowing these things and acting with no concern for others or remorse, I’ve found the concept fascinating and thought they would make great villains.

    I had a question, though: what would happen if the priest sat the Skintaker down to tell him some stories, and used that venue to start explaining to him the concept of good and evil? Would it be as incomprehensible to him as the Great Old Ones are to humanity without the magic of the fruit, or would it cause him to reexamine his own actions and choose between good and evil, with interesting consequences?

  24. This was awesome guys, but you do realise you did 10’s wrong right? if you roll a ten not only is it a success you also get to reroll it to try and get another success. if you get another 10 on that, continue doing it.

  25. ignore my last comment. but is it possible you could upload the stats for the Skin-Taker? you seemed to write him up pretty well and I’d like to use him in my Campaign.

  26. My first introduction to RPPR a few years ago, and by far my favorite. I loved the characters… all the color commentary and sarcastic wit… and most of all… I just love how legitamate it all felt. Like this could have happened out in some small town.

    Overall though, just wanted to show my appreciation, even if this might never get read due to how long ago this was. If you guys made this into a movie, I would watch it. Many times.

  27. I listened to this while cleaning out a big-ass walk in freezer. It made me fear for my life.

  28. Been listening to this one while studying.

    I think this whole thing was handled pretty well.

    My only real complaint, and this is from a listeners
    perspective not a players, is that I found the second half
    to be a little less interesting than the first. I can’t really put
    my finger on why that is, though.

    Good on you for using actual calliope music.
    I don’t know many DMs who use recordings
    for immersion, which is sad because it can work
    very well in certain cases.

  29. Author

    The calliope recordings are public domain so I could use them legally. I would probably use more audio in games if copyright issues weren’t so difficult to deal with.

  30. I would love to run this for my players. Is tat a possibility?

  31. Isn’t it odd the way that only a short while after Creepy Pastas and the deep web became widespreadly popular memes that this “show” appeared? Besides you don’t have to be a media studies expert to see that the whole style of the show is not early 70s.

    Candle Cove is creepy, but fake. The people claiming to have seen it are snickering behind their computer monitors at spreading another creepy pasta

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