After a mysterious courier took over New Vegas, the new government needed all the help it could get. They’ve launched an experimental program to give felons on parole a chance to redeem themselves by investigating minor crimes. Of course, they don’t trust felons to run around on their own, so they’ve programmed a robot as a parole officer to escort the felon. Someone’s stolen cargo from the train yard. Can this unlikely pair of partners find the missing cargo?

Chris as Wilmot “Skrewloose” Kunkel, ex-ganger and paroled felon
David as R.O.B.O, a robot parole officer
Ross as the GM

Centuries after a nuclear war devastated Earth, new factions arise from the ashes to build a new world. The Tomorrow Legion wants to make a peaceful civilization for everyone, human, D-Bee, and all other sentient beings. A newly formed team of Legionnaires is sent out on their first patrol and uncover a world-threatening dilemma – the legendary Symphony of the End.

Dan as Daryl the Mystic
Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Shaun as Yolanda Haze, an android scientist
Ross as the GM

Vermis is a mysterious lost video game, with no known copies left in existence, until two friends find one. They set out to livestream the game to show it off to the world when a strange mist surrounds their house. Can they navigate the strange realm of Vermis and return home or will they be lost forever?

Tom as Lane Meyer
Jason A as Jasper Merriweather
Ross as the GM

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The agents have finally reached the Palace of Carcosa. The masquerade ball has started but midnight is closing in. They must find the author of the play and give him his bottle if they want a chance to escape. However, the clock ticks ever closer to the end of the party and the arrival of the King in Yellow. Say your goodbyes, for the end is here.

Maddy as Ryan West, paramedic
Thad as Marley Madelyn, FBI agent
Fae as Yersinia Riszek, cryptographer
Rob Stith as Jørgen Nygård, undercover agent
Ross as the Handler

An expedition to the Backrooms has lost contact with Earth. The secretive foundation running the expedition sends in a team of operatives to reestablish contact and secure the zone. Whatever cut off the expedition doesn’t want them to succeed though.

Ross as the GM
Aaron as Stanford Greeman, researcher
Tom as Abelard, creep
Chris as Random Tangent, enforcer

SUBSURFACE is an action horror tabletop RPG inspired by F.E.A.R, Half-Life, Dusk, Doom, the SCP Foundation, and FIST by CLAYMORE. In this game, operatives trapped in the lowest levels of the Pit try to fight their way up countless floors of horror to get to the surface, in the wake of a terrible and mysterious subterranean disaster.

Promo: Looters, a new Stars Without Numbers AP podcast.