Delta Green: Lethe

The Prayerbooks of Lethe is a dangerous tome. It contains the knowledge of an obscure cult, the Drowners of Lethe, connected to dozens of murders and disappearances in the last century. The book has surfaced in the listing of an estate auction. Three agents are sent to the estate to retrieve the Prayerbooks before the auction is held. The horrors they encounter inside are beyond their imaginations.

Max as Madeline Owens, anthropologist. Check out Good Brews Bad Views Podcast!
Claire as Maci Adams, FBI agent. Relatable Rolls has more Delta Green Actual Play content.
Aaron as Lorena Meza, FBI agent.

This scenario is my Shotgun Scenario contest entry for 2023. Read the full scenario here.

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  1. Author

    My microphone’s settings were a bit off for this episode so I apologize for the lower quality on my voice. It won’t happen again.

  2. Love the premise for this and having the cult be so tech illiterate was really fun ie the black rectangles.

  3. Awesome game, thanks for sharing it! It’s such a pleasure (and damned handy) to be able to check out how scenarios can play out before I subject my players to them.

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