Savage Worlds: Rifts – Symphony of the End – Episode 1

Centuries after a nuclear war devastated Earth, new factions arise from the ashes to build a new world. The Tomorrow Legion wants to make a peaceful civilization for everyone, human, D-Bee, and all other sentient beings. A newly formed team of Legionnaires is sent out on their first patrol and uncover a world-threatening dilemma – the legendary Symphony of the End.

Dan as Daryl the Mystic
Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Shaun as Yolanda Haze, an android scientist
Ross as the GM

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  1. Loved this! A nice goofy palate cleanser after Impossible Landscapes horror. Can’t wait for more. Hope the Pizza Wizard becomes a running gag for this campaign. Truly the thinking man’s game.

  2. The Pizza Wizard can claim neutrality, but we know they have corrupted the purity of pastamancy.

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