Centuries after a nuclear war devastated Earth, new factions arise from the ashes to build a new world. The Tomorrow Legion wants to make a peaceful civilization for everyone, human, D-Bee, and all other sentient beings. A newly formed team of Legionnaires is sent out on their first patrol and uncover a world-threatening dilemma – the legendary Symphony of the End.

Dan as Daryl the Mystic
Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Shaun as Yolanda Haze, an android scientist
Ross as the GM

In a grimdark post-apocalyptic future, where the earth has been devastated by nuclear war, dimensional rifts and Nazi cos-players, only a few gritty heroes stand between a new apocalypse, a post-post apocalypse or a meta apocalypse or an apocalypse squared or a neo-apocalypse or an epic apocalypse or a mega damage apocalypse or a dragon cyborg juicer apocalypse wielding a rune blade with Atlantean tattoos. Yeah. HARDCORE.

In other words, I ripped off the plot of a movie called The Eliminators and forced the players into a game of Rifts.  Deal with it.