Delta Green: Oak Errant

Dr. Zack Garland, a retired biologist, formerly of March Technologies, has been secretly buying human remains on the black market. He lives alone in a farmhouse, where he’s built a large metal building next to his home. Given these facts, Delta Green sends a team of three agents to find out what he’s doing and if he is working with anyone else.

Thad as Donovan Eckles, Biologist
Rob Stith (listen to the Orpheus Protocol now!) as Grant Allbee, Federal Agent
Caleb as Paxton Millner, ATF explosives specialist

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  1. Really cool scenario and the party dynamic was fun. Man were the dice hot for this, especially for Caleb.

  2. At one point, one of the agents sees a light flitting through the trees. This wasn’t explained. Was it just a randomi-go sighting or what?

  3. Ross the link to the mp3 is not working. Thanks!

  4. Fixed now, thanks Ross!

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