Heart The City Beneath: Descending Derelictus – Episode 15

The Delvers have nearly reached their goal but a beast of legend may lure Rakk away! The gnoll cleaver has found the trail of the worm, but dark forces conspire against the Delvers. Should he show mercy or strike down the creature? The Delvers also need someone to treat their wounds and helpful Granny awaits in the Briar…for a price.

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Aaron as Garanhon Pearce, a Vermissian knight
Tom as Rakk, a gnoll cleaver
Thad as Outis Phyz human junk mage
David as Valanthe drow witch

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  1. Another awesome episode! Everyone has really gotten in character this campaign and lead to a lot of great moments. Also, Dicebot was really rooting for Rakk during that fight.

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