Going Rogue: Overexposed

What happens when a jaded spy and a blackmailed droid get handed an innocent new recruit to bring along on a high-stakes suicide mission? The answer might inspire you, make you cry, or hopefully even both! Find out on this episode, in which regular guests Fae and Bridget play the game going rogue with special guest—and the creator of the system herself—Jess Levine.

Consider backing the ongoing crowdfunder on Game on Tabletop for Jess’s new game “I Have the High Ground” to help it secure a print run and the stretch goal of an actual play from Bridget and Fae!

going rogue is an expansion for galactic 2e by riley rethal. It is built on the Belong Outside Belonging engine originally constructed by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosebaum for their games Dream Askew and Dream Apart. Jess also makes music, which can be found on her Bandcamp. The intro music from this episode comes from the track Glass & Steel off of her album Archive. All of her work can be found on her website jessfrom.online and on her Twitter @jessfromonline. You can find Bridget on Twitter as @unsatisfiedkitt.

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  1. I cried so much i got a headache listening to this! 10/10 would suffer again!

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