Hollow Earth Expedition: New Rome

A group of heroes, scholars, spies, and thrill seekers converge at a hangar to examine a wondrous drilling machine. When the group is attacked by a horde of masked gunmen, the group escapes in the machine, drilling down into the Hollow Earth. There, they find themselves in a strange city state ruled by intelligent apes and chimps, and where humans are the slaves. Can our heroes escape the arena and find a way back home?

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  1. I caught that bit where Glancy almost did the introduction to Ken’s Time Machine by accident…

  2. Hey guys, once again an entertaining podcast. I just wanted to mention that although it makes fun to listen to your podcasts as a non-native english person it is quite hard to listen and to follow when everyone speaks at the same time or so much laughing is going on. It seems to me that it became worse over the time and in the earlier episodes you were more in character and disciplined. Keep having fun.

  3. Hey neat! I’ve always liked HEX

  4. This was a wonderful session to listen to. Please visit Mr. Glancy again!

  5. I understand your concerns with the podcast and some of our episodes can be chaotic. We try to mix it up with episodes with fewer cast members that are more manageable.

  6. OK, *officially* my favorite moment of RPPR ever, at 1:50:52:

    “Can I get anyone another round?”


    “Then I’m gon– then… I’m gonna get super stoned now.”

    “That’s a good plan — this is being recorded –”

    “Oh, HIIIIIIiiiiii!!!!!!!”

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! Love it! So awesome — and I’m also enjoying the Great State of Washington’s sane MJ laws, LOL!!!

    Thanks for all the fun, as always!

  7. If anything RPPR Actual Plays need more Glancy fueled 1941 tangents.

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