Hollow Earth Expedition: Escape from the Eye of Thoth

The year is 1936. The passengers on PanAm’s trans-Pacific flying boat “The Orient Clipper” are planning to travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong in five days of four-star luxury. Each travels to serve their own mysterious and dubious agendas. But when they are cast into an impossible world of lost civilizations, prehistoric beasts and primitive tribesmen, they must pull together to escape the fate of so many others who have been marooned here. Can they gain the trust of the locals? Can they salvage the parts they need to repair their plane from the “graveyard of ships?” Can they avoid the titanic beasts and brutal corsairs that call this world their hunting grounds. Find out in this weeks episode of Hollow Earth Expedition- “Escape from the Eye of Thoth!”

Players below the fold

  • John Watson as dodgy occult investigator Dr. Peter Van Houton
  • Zeb West as amnesiac psychic detective Max Winter
  • Danny Moll as safe-cracking lounge singer Nicky Blaine
  • Arnie Jorgensen as game and treasure hunter Charles Crompton
  • Katie Postma as genuine scholar Dr. Emelia Webster
  • Drew Clowery as dying millionaire Stanley Fitzgerald
  • Matt Rhodes as daredevil bush pilot Gordon McCann
  • Alex Thomas as Cossack soldier of fortune Yurii Doroshenko
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  1. Holy shit! HEX! Yes!

  2. And a great time was had by all!

  3. All my blabbing All my blabbing All my blabbing All my blabbing All my blabbing All my blabbing All my blabbing All my blabbing

    But for real though, great game!

  4. Different system, and awesome ASG game!

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