Red Markets: The Cooper County War – Episode 2

The D4s are focusing on scores to build up supplies for the war. Fireworks are in high demand because of their utility in distracting mobs of the undead. The D4s know where a cache is supposed to be located, but why has it been left untouched for so long?

Ross as Deacon
Maddy as Dexi
Aaron as Darlington
David as Dakka
Jason B as the GM

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  1. Really solid GMing on this one. I can tell Jason’s got a lot of the timing, tension, and player wrangling techniques down. And he has the right touch when it comes to bringing in real-world knowledge – bringing it out at the right moments when it serves to heighten the narrative.

  2. This was a fun session, but my one complaint is the post crash scene. It didn’t make sense to have more bandits immediately be on scene surrounding them (unless I just totally missed something).

    Having a short chat with the guy would be great, letting him end it with something like “the rest of the boys’ll be here real soon ya see”, and then you have the tension of trying to fix the car before more people get there, and if they fix it fast and you want some more vehicle fighting action you’ve got a scene set up as they get back on the road.

    Alternatively (or additionally) they are the endpoint for a *whole* lot of noise, so having casualties come out of the woods as they’re trying to fix the car would have been pretty solid.

    The funnel of death was awesome, I liked that a lot. Getting a rep spot of some sort would have been a neat payout for that.

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