Delta Green: Dream-Away Camp

Grace & Glory Camp for Wayward Youth: Train Up Your Child has been operating in the North Idaho wilderness for almost twenty years. Promising to shape troubled teens into productive members of society, Grace & Glory has enjoyed scenic vistas, an abundance of fresh air, and very generous zoning regulations from the local township. However a particularly violent incident at the Old Quarry involving the camp’s troubled teens and a camp counselor threatens to upset the natural balance.

Local law enforcement is called in to investigate, but the unnatural nature of the crime and reported Occult symbolism of Grace & Glory sees Delta Green staffing the investigative team with friendlies and a handler. What horrible secrets will they uncover? OPERATION: SHADOWS REST is a time-sensitive probe that may warrant the use of extreme and overwhelming force in the face of a deadly memetic hazard. Who, or what, is “Our King” mentioned in the yellow camp bibles?

Content warning: Dream-Away Camp contains explicit or implied scenes of violence that listeners may find disturbing.

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Special thanks to Haiz Olaussen for creating the art for Dream-Away Camp. They can be found on Twitter as @bogmood and on Patreon here.

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  1. Having both listened to this ep and played the scenario, I think I’d say this is my favorite of Bridget’s work yet, second only to the whole of Dagashi~

    I tell you this all the time, Bridget, but it bears saying again: fantastic work. 😉

  2. I rarely have issues with potential triggers, so I noted the warnings, but didn’t expect any issues.

    But having the players create the details of recent traumatic events 10 minutes in was a gut punch. I think it’s because narratively they had already happened, so characters immediately feel like they’re already experiencing sanity loss and resulting lack of agency even as the players are involved and collaborating on the narrative.

    Very effective GMing example. It made me pause the audio so I could comment about it while it was fresh. Well done.

  3. I’m sorry, I’m going to be “that guy” so I apologise Because I’m sure theirs reasons for it on y’all end.

    I try to listen to Bridget Group, I really try.
    It’s not y’all’s, Bridgets a damn good GM. it’s just the Audio Quality is bad. I’m sure you guys are using Skype to play and its also one of the reasons I have a hard time listening to the “Skype of Cthulhu” Groups podcast.
    I think using Skype is a wonderful idea to bring like minded people together to play Tabletop, hell I feel it’s the only way these days due to conflicting schedules.

    But is there anyway to clean up or raise the Audio a bit? I’m just wondering. Again I apologise I just have a hard time hearing some players responses and actions, no matter how I mess with my volume.

  4. I’m only forty minutes in here but in case it slips my mind to post a final comment:

    >this is some Stokes-level shit so far, I am extremely into the setup and the unsettlement is leaking into real feelings in a way only Preemptive Revenge has done before, GOOD JOB, BRIDGET IS MY KINNA SCENARIO DESIGNER

    >Fae interrogating the nurse is so fuckin good, damn girl you scary, and I hope/am sure but just in case Ross consulted with her re: the new episode tag, deadnaming and all, yknow, sorry, my solidarity’s kicking in and I wanted to make sure

    >also, the audio quality’s fine, the one player is pretty rough but it’s not diminishing my experience at all

  5. Author

    Yes, I consulted with Fae on the tag. We wanted to make sure people could find her old games on the site as well.

  6. So I have comments.

    1) Ross, I was loudly disparaging your parentage when you waffled about reading the book.

    2) @Atle Reigstad Its not a deer!!!

    3) When it finally got to the point where guns came out and people started shooting, I looked at the time and thought “There’s still another hour?! No one’s making it out of this. No way.”

  7. cool!

    also god damn Faye does not have any setting but 11, I was having Red Markets flashbacks

  8. I’m so glad that Fae still makes appearances on RPPR. She’s one of my favorite players on here.

  9. This AP is…unsettling. Which is perfect. It been so good so far. I had to take a number of breaks during it because of how twisted and wierd it was. Well Done Bridget!

  10. I am 50 minutes in and still confused why no one has radioed in to say how fucked things are yet though. 🙂

  11. Gotta be in the “Best of RPPR…” just sayin’. Well roleplayed by all of the players. Superb. Great scenario, Bridget.

  12. I’m surprised that nobody attempted to read the lips of those speaking names.

  13. At 20 minutes in, I was thinking ‘ho ho ho this is a clever way to avoid having to come up with names for anyone’ but some time later I realised how thematic it was and that’s really impressive. Applause for Bridget.

  14. This is a fantastic scenario. I’m envious of you RPPR folks!

    I’ve been binging on Delta Green and always start with this one. I got to enjoy a phantasmagorical nightmare/dream relistening to this.

    Thanks RPPR!

  15. Troubled teen camps were made for Delta Green scenarios, Bridget actually left out how some programs get permission to abduct the children from their homes just to traumatize them more. Great roleplaying from everyone involved, the players being creepy on top of everything else made it so much scarier, but I have one big nitpick.

    I don’t like red herrings in general, but the reveal that it wasn’t what we thought didn’t make more sense than what we were assuming. We know what logic the former follows and that sets expectations, only for the latter to wind up being completely different but resembling the former by random coincidences the players couldn’t have known.

    I didn’t think there was enough buildup to the reveal and was caught off guard by how much less cosmic it was. Maybe if they’d been able to learn more about the person it was connected to earlier rather than withholding so much of that info I would’ve liked it more. Or maybe I’m just not desensitized enough to the Mythos to prefer something novel.

  16. Finally got around to listening to this — and it was great. Deserves its spot on the “Best Of” page. Though I’m honestly amazed by the players’ restraint. My own inclination would definitely have been toward the Patreon players’ strategy: after one instance of weirdness, round up everybody and hand out the headshots. It was definitely more interesting this way, to see the players working out their feelings of empathy and mercy for the kids, while trying to be as low-impact as possible for as long as possible. It’s a much more difficult and engaging story this way. And it’s also how humanity gets itself wiped out by monsters…

  17. Oh my god this was good.

  18. Is it possible to get a copy of this scenario ?


  19. I sincerely hope that Bridget submits this to Arc Dream for possible publication. I’m really impressed by the set up and execution. Yes, I could go into editor mode and start going on about t’s that need to be dotted and i’s that need crossing, but to hell with that. This was a truly disturbing environment. As a bonus, the explanation of the hostile DG Kill Team really made sense in the Delta Green setting. This is a really interesting way to introduce conflict between the Program and the Cowboys.

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